For What’s it Worth (2012) by LCVS not made it through the EV+A International 2012 competition

For What’s it Worth (2012) by LCVS                                                                 January 2012

For What s it Worth (2012) by LCVS


The installation For What It’s Worth? (2012) contains a table, a chair, and a computer with internet connection which are free for use for the visitors of the exhibition. Next to it A4-papers are attached to the wall. People can read for instance an article about the art market, but also a spam e-mail by a certain Mr. Mong Hoi, a quote by Pierre Bourdieu, et cetera.



The installation is the successor of the Friendly Video Graffiti Project (2009-2011). It is an open platform which needs to be used. It invites people to make use of this equipment to do whatever they like. They may check their e-mail, go to Youtube, surf to their favourite websites, watch porn, et cetera. It challenges the commodification of a work of art by providing a content on screen which is always open to alteration by its next user. Thereby giving the possibility to at least search for information which can be deployed to critique its owner and exhibition context.

A photo of the installation and all the texts will appear on tifx.wordpress. When people google the work they can re-read and see the installation in which they take part. During the EV+A exhibition also a video will be taken of the installation which again can be seen on tifx.wordpress and lcvonsukmeister Youtube-channel.

On the computer screen a collection of photo’s from newspapers and other material will run as screen saver, which is of course changeable by another user of the installation.

A4-papers consist of articles/quotes from:

Bourdieu, Pierre & Haacke, Hans. Free Exchange. Stanford University Press 1995.

Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs, Verzoek verlagen maandbedrag studieschuld 2012.

Riding, Alan. ‘Slides and sunbathing: Art or entertainment? Entr’acte.’ In: The International Herald Tribune,  Thursday November 2, 2006.

Spam e-mail by mr. Mong Hoi, Tuesday December 27, 2011.

Sontag, Deborah & Pogrebin, Robin. ‘Some Object as Museum Shows Its Trustee’s Art.’ In: The New York Times, November 10, 2009.

Saltz, Jerry. ‘Money, Insularity, and a Huge Controversy for the New Museum.’ In: New York Magazine,  November 11, 2009.

Saltz, Jerry. ‘Art Moralists. Give the New Museum a break.’ In: New York Magazine,  November 15, 2009.

Saltz, Jerry. ‘Saltz on Defending the New Museum.’ In: New York Magazine,  November 16, 2009.

Stallabrass, Julian. Art Incorporated. Oxford University Press 2004.

Thompson, Don. The $12  Million Stuffed Shark. The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art. New York 2008.


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