Info for the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid 2012 Competition: Sea of Inspiration

Sea of Inspiration (2011) is an ode to the creative imagination of humankind. To create something out of nothing is a truly divine gift. Even with a piece of dead coral one has an endless range of possibilities. The video installation searches to be an allegory of life.

Work description:
A puppet theatre with a television set inside, which is connected to a dvd-player. From the top front of the puppet theatre hangs a little rope and at the end of it is attached the little piece of dead coral which is the main prop in the video. The duration of the DVD is 5.02min and needs to be looped.

Material description:
1 (Sanyo CE26LC90-C/P) television set                  43.3  x  64,5  x  8,8 cm
1 Puppet theatre                                                                  120   x      78  x   41 cm
1 (AEG 4550 DVD) player                                                  33  x   225 x  230 mm
1 piece of rope                                                                       10  cm
1 piece of dead coral
1 (Onkyo SKS-22X speaker) set
1 DVD Sea of Inspiration (2011) by LCVS, duration:                       5.02min

Installation view:  

Screen stills video: 


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