Info for the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid 2012 Competition: Suffer Love LCIX @ 69 Square

Blue Screen Suki’s Yard is pleased to announce the exhibition of new work by L.C. von Sukmeister, one of the Netherlands their most critically acclaimed underground artists.

The title for this work is self-explanatory: originality rarely comes easily and if it does, it usually goes quite quickly. And there is death, love and loss, which at some point in our lives we all have to deal with. I’m constantly fighting the institutions of art today or contemporary art with the notion of love and passion. Love , sex, lust, appropriation ―in my new art video appropriation (NAVA) practices and Friendly Video Graffiti Project  there is always some battle, some kind of conflict.


This work, Suffer Love LCIX @ 69 Square (2009) is essentially an artistic concept. Everything is simple and linear, straight to the point. The work is to coincide with the exhibition of my newest video works concerning the Friendly Video Graffiti Project part II in London (2009), made possible by Saatchi Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery, Chelsea College of Art and Design University of the Arts London and Parasol Unit Foundation for Contemporary Art.


There is a simplicity and modesty about this blue work, that has made me feel very happy and horny and complete, like I have gone a full circle and I’m back to what I really know, that is: continuing the video war!


L.C. von Sukmeister, June 2009


There can be few artists who reveal the intimate details of art exhibition spaces so powerfully and with such candour as L.C. von Sukmeister.  His works which critically undermine presentation conventions are both intensely personal and resonantly universal and, as fellow artist Tracey Emin said recently:


Von Sukmeister’s need to be avant-garde, ground-breaking, institutionally critical, interventional and humorous supercedes all honesty in life and art. The crystalline presentation of video art in the most (supposedly) influential institutions of contemporary art (or art today as Lying Gillick would prefer) are what he wants to share with us online. 


Art Director: L.C. von Sukmeister

Associate Producer: Leopold Chrétien

Set Designer: Le Curator

Camera: Le Cybershot 4.1

Those Who: Rabbit Love

Tracey: BFF


Istanbul: John

Intermediair: à la Française

BFF: EminentParis

Those Who: Play the Blues

Location:LondonSW1Y 6BUUnited Kingdom

Location II: 6524 EN The Neverlands

Location Details: 25-26 Mason’s Yard St. James’s

Location Details II: Ste. Anne 129,Arcadia

Date: 18 June 2009

Script: White Coltrane

Script Consultant: White Cube, T. Emin, Those Who Suffer Love



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