Info for the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid 2012 Competition: The Money Shot

Walking from nightmare, I found myself upon a dismal frame story amongst dead images of cannibalizing new art video appropriation, dirty money barely hold together by museum pins and the pieces of vertical colour striped wallpaper. A young brunette kneeled nearby, her mouth was eating my tangible thoughts and melancholic memories of MAMCO’s museum space. Observer, take comfort from this: In the Art Abattoir, at least the lascivious ones are contented. For my part, I begged that she should take my Money, thus sparing me further horrifying emptiness. Unheeded, I stood in the museum space and wept, unable to bear my circumstances. Eventually tears ceased. My misfortunes were small: I was a X-Stream Dadaist and Alive.. And I knew, that life had no worse Images to offer me.

In the case of sexually based intimacy, the relationship of symbiotic base to symbolic generalization takes on particular traits which is illustrated in The Money Shot (2009). Initially this basis in sexuality explains why the protagonists set such great store on ‘absorbing each other’, on immediacy and closeness; and why they prefer to be in places where they can hope to see much lust arousing commodity art. Furthermore, it is peculiar to sexual relations that they are not realized with curious outsiders or their approval in mind. Instead they are meaningful in themselves and their further refinement does not require the surreptitious outside world.

How shall I describe her? She was horrible, like no brunette I’d ever heard tell of with skin neither pale nor wholly sun-tanned, but a subtle fair. Further, she was entangled in my Money. Terrified more she should re-submerge and drag me with her, I stood forcefully clutching the camera that had snapped off in my hand. The girl’s stained marble eye looked up at me.. And, in that instant, we knew each other! Half finished; half dead; wholly deranged by video agony; the hungry leviathan attempted to eat all of my X-Stream Dadaist practices, dragging my new art video appropriations in its bloody wake. I hung on, desperately cursing in the bitter stinging spray.. And shortly thereafter stopped filming.

Art Director: L.C. von Sukmeister
Associate Producer: A. Moore
Camera Operator: D. Gibbons
Cinematographer: J. Higgins
Writer: N. Luhmann
Green museum pin: Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC)
Blue museum pin: Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC)
Orange museum pin: New Museum of Contemporary Art (NYC)
Red museum pin: Dia:Beacon Riggio Galleries (Beacon NY)
Monet: Money
Location I: MAMCO Geneva
Location II: Ste. Anne Nimègue
Artist: Unknown girl
Artist II: L.C. von Sukmeister
Date: 8 January 2009
Script I: Chapter III 2/3, 1986
Script II: A Medium of Communication, p. 27, 1986
Script III: Chapter V 20/21, 1986
Watchmen: Love as Passion
The Codification: Of Intimacy
Tales: Of the Black Freighter
Cameo: L.C. von Sukmeister


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