Info for the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid 2012 Competition

Info for the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid 2012 Competition



L.C. von Sukmeister Esq. MA (b. 1981) is the pseudonym of R.S. (Suki) de Boer a para-performative artist-historian since 2005. He is of Javanese descent and is raised in the Netherlands. Trained as an art historian at the Radboud University Nijmegen, he currently works on his PhD dissertation at the VU University Amsterdam in the Netherlands. His PhD research is about art-related corporate activities by European multinational companies. In particular he focuses on a project by Clegg & Guttmann in the headquarters of the former DG BANK in Frankfurt in 1995, on a project by Maurizio Cattelan on a public square in Milan funded by fashion company Trussardi in 2004, and on a project by Andrea Fraser produced for the opening of the museum-like exhibition space of the Generali Foundation in Vienna in 1995.

Artist stateMENT

I invent artistic concepts for installation art, performance art, and video art. I try to raise questions both on the authenticity and originality of art’s nature (and the allographic nature of digital arts in particular), as well as on the institutionalized context of art (the space, site, platform for art exhibition and distribution) and its corporatization in the culture industry. The duplication of the image and exclusion mechanisms are my central themes.

International EXhibitions:

The Saints of The New Age, art event in Istanbul, Turkey, June 20, 2012, with his Friendly Video Graffiti Project (2009-2011)

OK.Video 5th Jakarta International Video Festival organized by ruangrupa, Jakarta, Indonesia, October 6-17, 2011, with his Friendly Video Graffiti Project (2009-2011) OK.Video 5th Jakarta International Video Festival

SMart Multimedia Arts Festival, Grand Rapids (MI) United States of America, April 4-8, 2011, with his
Friendly Video Graffiti Project (2009-2011) SMart Multimedia Arts Festival

Venice Biennial 2009 @ Padiglione Internet, in the Wikipedia Art Project by artists Scott Kildall and Nathaniel Stern with the video work Banned Wikipedia Art Attempts to Intervene with Banned Airlines into Art Venues in Vienna (2009) Wikipedia Art

Presentation of multi-media installation Concept XIII (2009) at the ‘Think Ahead! Open Platform’ Award Competition by Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk), Amsterdam, May 9, 2009.

Featured in the PUBlications:

R.S. de Boer. ‘Site-Specific Work of Art in a Corporate Context: An Exploratory Guideline for Critical Artists.’ In Continental Breakfast. Place of Encounter. Fifth CEI Venice Forum for Contemporary Art Curators (ed. Giuliana Carbi), Trieste Contemporanea, 2011, pp. 166-187.

R.S. de Boer. ‘Kunstige bedrijvigheid: Apenrots of Kunstwalhalla? Professionalisering van corporate collecting en de noodzaak van kwalitatief onderzoek.’ In: Kunstlicht, 30: 3/4, 2009, pp. 14-20. ISBN 978-90-73588-48-6. ISSN 0921-5026

R.S. de Boer & Stefano Mirti. ‘…les boys got leather straps les boys got SS caps…’ In: Fetisch + Konsum (eds. Jean-Baptiste Joly, Catherine Perret, Julia Warmers), Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart (Germany) 2009, pp. 221-241. ISBN 978-3-937982-24-3

R.S. de Boer. ‘De waarneming van de beschouwer waargenomen.’ In: Desipientia, zin & waan, 14:12, November 2007, pp. 34-37. ISSN 1386-1069

Daily newspaper nrc•next: Karin Quint (2009). ‘Zij proberen zo ergens binnen te komen.’ In: nrc•next, Wednesday, February 25, 2009, pp. 22-23

Ad Valvas VU University newspaper: Daphne Lentjes (2009): ‘Kunst voor plant en publiek.’ In: Ad Valvas, June 18, 2009, pp. 16-17.


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