Info for the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid 2012 Competition: Blue Dutch

This work could also be titled ―a reconstruction of the objet trouvé in blue minor. Conversely, the video of the dead-end sea in perspective becomes, by means of optical effect, the extension of the sky and resembles a virtual passage to the beach. This sort of spatial installations engages nobody and generates additional symbolic but unnecessary and insuperable meaning.

Art Director: ASW
Cinematographer: Lukisan Crazy
Associate Producer: Leopold Chrétien
Set Designer: L.C.V.S.
Sound Editor: La Claudication
Camera Operator: La Croupade
Music: Le Cyanate
Sea: Wadden
Island: T.
Prop: Blue
Location: T.
Location Details: Beach Pole 15
Date: August 11, 2011
Script Consultant: D. Dražić, 04 DEAD-End Blue, L00ks L1ke We’ve Been Here Befor3, Trieste Contemporanea 2010, p. 18.


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