Info for the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid 2012 Competition: Untitled

Untitled (2011) is a video/slide show installation with a slide projection next to a video loop. The slides have been found at a garbage dump on the street in Amsterdam. The slides contain intimate footage of everyday life during the late 70s begin 80s in the Netherlands mixed with images of anonymous Dutch on holiday in France. Simultaneously the video loop shows the street scene at which the slides as objet trouvés have been collected.  The video also features some slides which become visible held against the light of the blue sky.  (*NOTICE THAT THE LINK FOR VIEWING THE VIDEO ON THE ENTRY FORM no.3  IS INCORRECT, THIS IS THE CORRECT LINK!)

Work description:
A projection on the wall of the Untitled (2011) video which is next to the projection of 80 slides from a Kodak Carousel slide projector. The duration of the DVD is 4.45min and needs to be looped.

Material description:
1 (Kodak Carousel S AV-2000) Carousel Slide projector
1 (Acer X110 – ColorBoost) Beamer
1 (AEG 4550) DVD player
1 (Onkyo SKS-22X) speaker set
1 DVD Untitled (2011) by LCVS                                                                4.44min
80 slides

Installation view:

video loop                                                           slide projection


Screen stills video:


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