Info for the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid 2012 Competition: yellow pages

Paradoxically, the out-of-the ordinary acts of prophetic rupture that the founding hero must carry out in fact work to create the conditions necessary for making the hero LCVS and his heroism of these beginnings redundant: in a video field reaching a high degree of autonomy and self-awareness, it is the mechanisms of competition themselves which authorize and favour the ordinary production of out-of-the ordinary-acts, founded on the rejection of temporal satisfactions, worldy gratifications and the goals of ordinary video or yellow action.



Art Director: ASW

Cinematographer: Lukisan Crazy

Associate Producer: Leopold Chrétien

Set Designer: LCVS

Sound Editor:  Last Call

Camera Operator: La Croupade

Location: iNet

Inspiration: Picass, Robert Indian, Louvr, Andre Fraser, Jean-Michel Basquia

Missing Songs: O A E A T

Xellow Videos: Yellow Pages

Date: May, 5, 2012

Script Consultant: P. Bourdieu, The Rules of Art (1996), p. 68



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