For the Transmediale 2012 Competition: At the Speed of Life (2012)

At the Speed of Life (2012) by LCVS                                                               Transmediale 2012

At the Speed of Life (2012) is a visual language game. It is a video installation which questions the overload of visual data in our information society. Umberto Eco has stated that to silence critique one was formerly being excluded from information, but that nowadays one is overloaded with information. Amidst all this data one cannot adequately filter crucial information anymore. In this way the dominant producers of the info overload leave one helpless alone. At the Speed of Life (2012) tries to anticipate on this. It explores whether speedily blended visual data can create new powerful singular images, which go beyond all former meanings and bear their own truths.


Work description:
Four videos (V1,V2V3,V4)  on monitor/projection next to each other. Duration of each sequence is 8.03min (click for here to view DVD 1 sequence    DVD 2 sequence  DVD 3 sequence  DVD 4 sequence). The sequences need to be looped

Material description:
4 (Acer X110 – ColorBoost) Beamers
4 (AEG 4550) DVD players
1 (Onkyo SKS-22X) Speaker set
4 DVD At the Speed of Life (2012) by LCVS


Installation view:

DVD 1 sequence     DVD 2 sequence        DVD 3 sequence   DVD 4 sequence

V1, V3, V2, V4         V2V4,V1V3            V3V1V4 V2         V4 V2V3V1

Duration of each sequence is 8.03min

(I gave each visual data mix a name, there are 12 mixes in total, 3 per video projection)

Screen stills:


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