For the Transmediale 2012 Competition: Blue Dutch (2011)

Blue Dutch (2011) by LCVS

Blue Dutch (2011) is an art video. It is made while playing with simple editing techniques and subverting chronology.

The senseless text which accompanies the work is:

‘This work could also be titled ―a reconstruction of the objet trouvé in blue minor. Conversely, the video of the dead-end sea in perspective becomes, by means of optical effect, the extension of the sky and resembles a virtual passage to the beach. This sort of spatial installations engages nobody and generates additional symbolic but unnecessary and insuperable meaning.


Art Director: ASW
Cinematographer: Lukisan Crazy
Associate Producer: Leopold Chrétien
Set Designer: L.C.V.S.
Sound Editor: La Claudication
Camera Operator: La Croupade
Music: Le Cyanate
Sea: Wadden
Island: T.
Prop: Blue
Location: T.
Location Details: Beach Pole 15
Date: August 11, 2011
Script Consultant: D. Dražić, 04 DEAD-End Blue, L00ks L1ke We’ve Been Here Befor3, Trieste Contemporanea 2010, p. 18.

Work description:
A projection/monitor screening of the Blue Dutch (2011) video. The duration of the DVD is 1.17min and needs to be looped. Click on the this Link to view the video.


Material description:
1 (Acer X110 – ColorBoost) Beamer
1 (AEG 4550) DVD player
1 (Onkyo SKS-22X) Speaker set
1 DVD Blue Dutch (2011) by LCVS                                           1.17min


Screen stills video:


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