For the Transmediale 2012 Competition: FVGP (2009-2011)

Friendly Video Graffiti Project  (2009 – 2011) by LCVS

For the FVGP I intervened into numerous exhibition spaces around the world (Basel, Jakarta, Istanbul, Vienna, London, Zurich, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Oslo, Berlin, San Francisco, Brussels, Yogyakarta, and New York) by illicitly taking a DVD of video art out of the DVD player and replacing it with my own DVD.  I did not steal nor break the original, but left it intact on top of the DVD player and only added mine to the exhibition. I briefly filmed my intervention in single shot take and then fled from the exhibition space. Thereupon I intervened into a next exhibition, again illicitly installed my DVD with the footage of the former intervention, taped it in single shot take and then fled. With each successful intervention that followed, all previous filmed interventions were projected in the exhibition space.

With my intervention I contemplate on video art as open platform, what are the ingredients which make video art actually video art? Can it contain more than one beforehand fixed image? Therefore I question the tactile space which is its social environment, the device which is its heart, and the disc which is its soul. For example, the soul: I question the concealed status of artistic images on a DVD disc. Is the DVD disc only recognized as a work of art if the images which it contains are visible and shown in the exhibition space? Or is it also a work of art if it is just a regular DVD disc that lays on the ground without its images being visible for the viewer? Who or what decides the ultimate status of a DVD as work of art; the curator, the artist, the visitor, or an anonymous DVD player?

At the OK.Video 5th Jakarta International Video Festival (October 6-17, 2011) I experimented for the first time with illicitly tagging three art videos using a USB-stick, yet the questions remain the same.


Work description:

‘Friendly Video Graffiti Project‘ (2009-2011), FVGP in short, can be shown as a 4-channel video installation. On each channel a different sequence of the FVGP video is running. In this way the viewer who is comparing the images on the 4 screens can grasp the concept behind FVGP immediately. The best effect is created with 4 beamers projecting 4 life-size images next to each other in a dark room with only 1 channel with sound through boxes. Otherwise 4 television screens next to each other will also do.

Material description:

4-channel video installation: 4 DVD players and 4 beamers (or 4 television screens), only 1 channel with sound through boxes.


Previous exhibited at:

The Saints of The New Age, art event in Istanbul, Turkey, June 20, 2012 @ The Saints of The New Age

OK.Video 5th Jakarta International Video Festival organized by ruangrupa, Jakarta, Indonesia,  October 6-17, 2011 @ OK.Video 5th Jakarta International Video Festival

SMart Multimedia Arts Festival, Grand Rapids (MI) United States of America, April 4-8, 2011
@ SMart Multimedia Arts Festival


List of intervened venues:


Outlet // Independent Art Space (Outlet//İhraç Fazlasi Sanat)                  Istanbul, Turkey

Galeri Apel                                                                                          Istanbul, Turkey

BM Suma Contemporary Art Center                                                      Istanbul, Turkey

Whitechapel Gallery                                                                             London, England

Saatchi Gallery                                                                                               London, England

Saatchi Gallery                                                                                               London, England

Parasol Unit Foundation for Contemporary Art                                      London, England

Chelsea College of Art and Design University of the Arts London          London, England

MUMOK (Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig)                             Vienna, Austria

MOYA (Museum of Young Art)                                                            Vienna, Austria

Künstlerhaus Wien                                                                               Vienna, Austria

Galerie ArtPoint / KulturKontakt                                                            Vienna, Austria

Kerstin Engholm Gallery                                                                      Vienna, Austria

Architekturzentrum Wien                                                                       Vienna, Austria

Architekturzentrum Wien                                                                       Vienna, Austria

Georg Kolbe Museum                                                                         Berlin, Germany

Daimler Contemporary                                                                         Berlin, Germany

Daimler Contemporary                                                                         Berlin, Germany

Daimler Contemporary                                                                         Berlin, Germany

Neues Problem                                                                                   Berlin, Germany

Galerie Schuster                                                                                  Berlin, Germany

Hamburger Bahnhof Museum für Gegenwart                                         Berlin, Germany

Tanas Berlin                                                                                        Berlin, Germany

Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien                                                         Berlin, Germany

[]                                                                                                          Basel, Switzerland

Museum für Gegenwartskunst Basel                                                     Basel, Switzerland

Kunsthalle Basel                                                                                 Basel, Switzerland

Shedhalle                                                                                           Zurich, Switzerland

Daros Exhibitions                                                                               Zurich, Switzerland

Les Complices                                                                                    Zurich, Switzerland

Outlet // Independent Art Space (Outlet//İhraç Fazlasi Sanat)                  Istanbul, Turkey

11th International İstanbul Biennial, Antrepo No. 3                                         Istanbul, Turkey




àngels barcelona                                                                                 Barcelona, Spain

Galeria d’Art Estrany de la Mota                                                           Barcelona, Spain

Cemeti Art House (Rumah Seni Cemeti)                                    Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Museet for Samtidskunst Oslo (Museum of Contemporary Art Oslo)      Oslo, Norway

Kunstnernes Hus                                                                                 Oslo, Norway

Künstlerhaus Wien                                                                               Vienna, Austria

Gabriele Senn Galerie                                                                          Vienna, Austria

Freiraum Quartier21 International                                                          Vienna, Austria

Argos Centre for Art & Media                                                               Brussels, Belgium


Brooklyn Museum                                                                               New York City, USA

SF MOMA Artists Gallery at Fort Mason                                                           San Francisco, USA

SF MOMA                                                                                          San Francisco, USA

The LAB                                                                                             San Francisco, USA

CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts                                          San Francisco, USA

SMART Project Space                                                                         Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Galeri Nasional                                                                                    Jakarta, Indonesia

CG Art Space                                                                                     Jakarta, Indonesia
Mon Décor                                                                                         Jakarta, Indonesia

Artsphere                                                                                            Jakarta, Indonesia
Japan Foundation                                                                               Jakarta, Indonesia

ruru Gallery                                                                                         Jakarta, Indonesia
d Gallerie                                                                                            Jakarta, Indonesia
Kineforum                                                                                           Jakarta, Indonesia
LINGGARseni                                                                                      Jakarta, Indonesia
diao.lo.gue Artspace                                                                           Jakarta, Indonesia

FVGP (2009-2011) duration:                                                                                        2.37hours

Screen stills video:


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