The Art Collector (2013) by LCVS

The Art Collector (2013) by LCVS @ OK VIDEO 6th Jakarta International Video Festival organized by ruangrupa, Jakarta, Indonesia, September 5-15, 2013.

The first sin and possible crime is voyeurism. What are you doing now? Is the art gallery the legitimate place where we permit ourselves to be licensed voyeurs?

Work description:
An untitled painting by LCVS with a peephole in the middle on the wall. Through the peephole the gallery visitor can see a single channel video.

Article in Jakarta Globe

Article in Metropolis M

Material description:
1 Painting by LCVS
1 14 inch Digital Photo Frame
1 SD memory card The Art Collector (2013) by LCVS                                           7.22min

Installation view:






video video

Screen stills:

55 53 62 58 still 60


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