Hoax. The Archive I – The Silverstein Files (2014)

Hoax The Archive I – The Silverstein Files (2014)

The installation presents two videos (click Hoax: The Archive I and Hoax: The Archive I ) which contain remixed found Youtube-footage. This footage is made by amateurs which question the mainstream media presentation of the 9/11 event in New York, which they claim has been a pretext for an enduring war. The installation explores, subverts and mocks and celebrates the creativeness of amateur video-makers who dare to counter images of our daily ultra-mediatized environment.

The subtitle refers to the owner of the Twin Towers who received billions of insurance money after 9/11.

The installation exists of videos on flat-screens facing the ground, hanging with four cables wrapped with cloth from the ceiling. The visitor of the exhibition needs to lie underneath these ‘twin towers’. On one screen is remixed found footage from the internet, on the other an orange veil loosely flapping which blocks the view but gives a soothing experience.



Installation view

Hoax: The Archive - gallery installation -

Video stills

still image video1 a still image video1 a 4 still image video1 a 8 still image video2 a still image video2 a 3

Material description

2 flatscreen TVs, approx. 80cm from the ground in juxtaposed position.

2 yoga mats

2 pillows

8 foam plates, or 2 cloths, approx. 4m in height

8 cables

video (a) Hoax: The Archive I

video (b) Hoax: The Archive I


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