Hoax. The Archive II – The Fredou Files (2015)

The installation presents 3 videos (click here. hereand here) which contain remixed found Youtube-footage. This footage is made by amateurs which question the mainstream media presentation of the Ch-rlie H+bdo shootings in Paris. The installation explores, subverts, mocks and celebrates the creativeness of amateur video-makers who dare to counter images of our daily ultra-mediatized environment.

The installation Hoax. The Archive II – The Fredou Files (2015) displays on the floor a body under a winding sheet surrounded by red-white cordon tape. One video is about an Ipad-commercial which is sliced with amateur footage that claims the Ipad-commercial is containing a hidden message. The second video is about a getaway car. A third videois projected on the winding sheet and is about a melon and AK47 shots.

People are invited to add flowers, hotplates, teddybears, candles, bundles of pencils, et cetera to this installation.

The subtitle refers to the police officer (Helric Fredou) who was commissioned to investigate the shootings in Paris, and who allegedly committed suicide.

Material description

1 Ipad/flat-screen/projection (video a)

1 flat-screen/projection (video b)

1 projection (video c)

1 winding sheet with ‘body’

red-white cordon tape




little bundles of pencils

Installation view

installation view - Hoax. The Archive II

Video stills

still image video a 2 still image video a 7 still image video b 1  still image video c 2still image video c 3
Exhibited: ‘Hybrids’, Galerie Helder, June 6 – July 5, 2015, The Hague, The Netherlands

Galerie Helder Recommendation letter ‘Hybrids’


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