The Art Collector (2013) by LCVS

The Art Collector (2013) by LCVS @ OK VIDEO 6th Jakarta International Video Festival organized by ruangrupa, Jakarta, Indonesia, September 5-15, 2013.

The first sin and possible crime is voyeurism. What are you doing now? Is the art gallery the legitimate place where we permit ourselves to be licensed voyeurs?

Work description:
An untitled painting by LCVS with a peephole in the middle on the wall. Through the peephole the gallery visitor can see a single channel video.

Article in Jakarta Globe

Article in Metropolis M

Material description:
1 Painting by LCVS
1 14 inch Digital Photo Frame
1 SD memory card The Art Collector (2013) by LCVS                                           7.22min

Installation view:






video video

Screen stills:

55 53 62 58 still 60


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Nite Clubbb – Painting for the Closed Museum (2013) by LCVS

Nite Clubbb - Painting for the Closed Museum 2013

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June 29, 2013 · 7:49 pm

Papedronio en de Bam Bam takken (2013) by LCVS

Vote for it in The Guardian 2014

Papedronio en de Bam Bam takken

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June 29, 2013 · 6:46 pm

For the Útil 2013 Competition: Use Less + (2013)

Use less + (2013) by LCVS

Útil 2013

The Use Less + installation simply challenges everything, and the use of aesthetics in communication in particular. Although the installation might seem a bit old-fashioned in the smartphone + google glass age, it is nonetheless less functional. People can instantly use the installation for whatever they like, except for disconnecting the power cable. A video example of a body workout is projected on the table on the wall. If people want to use the installation in a more ‘constructive’ mental and social manner, they can surf the internet to search for a job, sign a petition in support of Ai Weiwei or against animal cruelty, et cetera. But people are also free to not use the installation, or to only aesthetically use it without any actual outcome. The content of the installation is thus always open for alteration.

use less installation view

Work description:

The installation Use Less + ( (2013) contains a random table, chair + chair, and computer with internet connection which people can use for free. A video (CLICK HERE) is projected on the table on the wall next to attached A4-papers.

A photo of the installation will appear on When people google the work they can see the installation in which they take part. During the Útil 2013 exhibition I will also shoot a little video of the installation and upload it, which then can be seen in the work itself on and the lcvonsukmeister Youtube-channel.

On the computer screen a collection of photo’s from newspapers and other material will run as screen saver, which of course is changeable by any other user of the installation.

A4-papers consist of articles/quotes from:

Bourdieu, Pierre & Haacke, Hans. Free Exchange. Stanford University Press 1995.

Diederichsen, Diederich. On (Surplus) Value in Art. Sternberg Press 2008

Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs, Verzoek verlagen maandbedrag studieschuld 2012.

Financial Stability Board. Update of group of global systemically important banks (G-SIBs). Basel, November 1, 2012.

Gielen, Pascal.  The Art Scene. An Ideal Production Unit for Economic Exploitation? Open 2009.

Holmes, Brian. ‘Liar’s poker. Representation of Politics/Politics of Representation.’ In: Springerin,1, 2003.

Morozov, Evgene. The Net Delusion. The Dark Side of Internet Freedom.  New York 2011.

Riding, Alan. ‘Slides and sunbathing: Art or entertainment?’ In: The International Herald Tribune,  Thursday November 2, 2006.

Saltz, Jerry. ‘Money, Insularity, and a Huge Controversy for the New Museum.’ In: New York Magazine, November 11, 2009.

Saltz, Jerry. ‘Art Moralists. Give the New Museum a break.’ In: New York Magazine, November 15, 2009.

Saltz, Jerry. ‘Saltz on Defending the New Museum.’ In: New York Magazine, November 16, 2009.

Sontag, Deborah & Pogrebin, Robin. ‘Some Object as Museum Shows Its Trustee’s Art.’ In: The New York Times, November 10, 2009.

Spam e-mail by mr. Mong Hoi, Tuesday December 27, 2011.

Stallabrass, Julian. Art Incorporated. Oxford University Press 2004.

Thompson, Don. The $12  Million Stuffed Shark. The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art. New York 2008.

Žižek, Slavoj. First as Tragedy, Then as Farce. London 2009.

Et cetera

Material description:
2 tables

2 chairs

1 laptop or PC connected to the internet and free of use

1 video projected on the wall

several A4-papers which I tape on the wall



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For the Transmediale 2012 Competition: At the Speed of Life (2012)

At the Speed of Life (2012) by LCVS                                                               Transmediale 2012

At the Speed of Life (2012) is a visual language game. It is a video installation which questions the overload of visual data in our information society. Umberto Eco has stated that to silence critique one was formerly being excluded from information, but that nowadays one is overloaded with information. Amidst all this data one cannot adequately filter crucial information anymore. In this way the dominant producers of the info overload leave one helpless alone. At the Speed of Life (2012) tries to anticipate on this. It explores whether speedily blended visual data can create new powerful singular images, which go beyond all former meanings and bear their own truths.


Work description:
Four videos (V1,V2V3,V4)  on monitor/projection next to each other. Duration of each sequence is 8.03min (click for here to view DVD 1 sequence    DVD 2 sequence  DVD 3 sequence  DVD 4 sequence). The sequences need to be looped

Material description:
4 (Acer X110 – ColorBoost) Beamers
4 (AEG 4550) DVD players
1 (Onkyo SKS-22X) Speaker set
4 DVD At the Speed of Life (2012) by LCVS


Installation view:

DVD 1 sequence     DVD 2 sequence        DVD 3 sequence   DVD 4 sequence

V1, V3, V2, V4         V2V4,V1V3            V3V1V4 V2         V4 V2V3V1

Duration of each sequence is 8.03min

(I gave each visual data mix a name, there are 12 mixes in total, 3 per video projection)

Screen stills:

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For the Transmediale 2012 Competition: Untitled (2011)

Untitled (2011) by LCVS

Untitled (2011) is a video/slide show installation with a slide projection next to a video loop. The slides have been found at a garbage dump on the street in Amsterdam. The slides contain intimate footage of everyday life during the late 70s begin 80s in the Netherlands mixed with images of anonymous Dutch on holiday in France. Simultaneously the video loop shows the street scene at which the slides as objet trouvés have been collected.  The video also features some slides which become visible held against the light of the blue sky.


Work description:
A projection on the wall of the Untitled (2011) video which is next to the projection of 80 slides from a carousel slide projector. The duration of the DVD is 4.45min and needs to be looped. Click on the this Link to view the video.


Material description:
1 (Kodak Carousel S AV-2000) Slide projector
1 (Acer X110 – ColorBoost) Beamer
1 (AEG 4550) DVD player
1 (Onkyo SKS-22X) Speaker set
1 DVD Untitled (2011) by LCVS                                                4.45min
80 slides


Installation view:

Screen stills video: 

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For the Transmediale 2012 Competition: Blue Dutch (2011)

Blue Dutch (2011) by LCVS

Blue Dutch (2011) is an art video. It is made while playing with simple editing techniques and subverting chronology.

The senseless text which accompanies the work is:

‘This work could also be titled ―a reconstruction of the objet trouvé in blue minor. Conversely, the video of the dead-end sea in perspective becomes, by means of optical effect, the extension of the sky and resembles a virtual passage to the beach. This sort of spatial installations engages nobody and generates additional symbolic but unnecessary and insuperable meaning.


Art Director: ASW
Cinematographer: Lukisan Crazy
Associate Producer: Leopold Chrétien
Set Designer: L.C.V.S.
Sound Editor: La Claudication
Camera Operator: La Croupade
Music: Le Cyanate
Sea: Wadden
Island: T.
Prop: Blue
Location: T.
Location Details: Beach Pole 15
Date: August 11, 2011
Script Consultant: D. Dražić, 04 DEAD-End Blue, L00ks L1ke We’ve Been Here Befor3, Trieste Contemporanea 2010, p. 18.

Work description:
A projection/monitor screening of the Blue Dutch (2011) video. The duration of the DVD is 1.17min and needs to be looped. Click on the this Link to view the video.


Material description:
1 (Acer X110 – ColorBoost) Beamer
1 (AEG 4550) DVD player
1 (Onkyo SKS-22X) Speaker set
1 DVD Blue Dutch (2011) by LCVS                                           1.17min


Screen stills video:

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