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LC von Sukmeister Artist Statement






L.C. von Sukmeister Esq. MA (b. 1981) is the pseudonym of Suki, a para-performative artist-historian since 2005. He is born in East Java, but is raised in the Netherlands. Trained as an systems theoretical art historian at Radboud University Nijmegen, he is an autodidact chaotic art maker based in Amsterdam.





Artist stateMENT

I invent artistic concepts for installation art, performance art, and video art. I try to raise questions both on the authenticity and originality of art’s nature (and the allographic nature of digital arts in particular), as well as on the institutionalized context of art (the space, site, platform for art exhibition and distribution) and its corporatization/financialization in the culture industry. The duplication of the image and exclusion mechanisms are my central themes.

International EXhibitions

FORTHCOMING EXHIBITION | VIDEO INSTALLATION/PERFORMANCE | Hoax. The Archive I and/or II (2014-2015) @ Hybrids, Galerie Helder, The Hague, The Netherlands,  June 6 – July 5, 2015

SINGLE CHANNEL VIDEO | Construct Me! Droog Hardware (2015) @ Commissioned by Droog for Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milan Design Week, Milan, Italy, April 14-19, 2015

SINGLE CHANNEL VIDEO | ...A Story About (2014) in collaboration with Eliza Mante @ Beyond the Senses, Design Column #8 Droog Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Oct 1 – Nov 9, 2014

SINGLE CHANNEL VIDEO + PAINTING | The Art Collector (2013) @ OK.Video 6th Jakarta International Video Festival organized by ruangrupa, Jakarta, Indonesia, September 5-15, 2013

MULTI CHANNEL VIDEO | Friendly Video Graffiti Project (2009-2011) @ The Saints of The New Age, Istanbul, Turkey, June 20, 2012

MULTI CHANNEL VIDEO | Friendly Video Graffiti Project (2009-2011)  @ OK.Video 5th Jakarta International Video Festival organized by ruangrupa, Jakarta, Indonesia, October 6-17, 2011

SINGLE CHANNEL VIDEO | Friendly Video Graffiti Project (2009-2011) @ SMart Multimedia Arts Festival, Grand Rapids (MI) United States of America, April 4-8, 2011

INTERNET VIDEO | Banned Wikipedia Art Attempts to Intervene with Banned Airlines into Art Venues in Vienna (2009) @ Venice Biennial 2009 – Padiglione Internet, in the Wikipedia Art Project by artists Scott Kildall and Nathaniel Stern

PRESENTATION MULTI-MEDIA INSTALLATION | Concept XIII (2009) @ ‘Think Ahead! Open Platform’ Award Competition by Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 9, 2009

Featured in the PUBlications

LC von Sukmeister. ‘OK.Video.’ In: Metropolis M, October 6, 2013.

Catriona Croft-Cusworth. ‘Art of Deception Unveiled at RuRu’s OK. Video Biennial.’ In: The Jakarta Globe, September 9, 2013.

OK Video MUSLIHAT 6th Jakarta International Video Festival 05 – 15 September 2013 Catalogue 2013, p. 60.

OK.Video FLESH 5th Jakarta International Video Festival 06 – 17 October 2011 Catalogue 2011, p. 117.





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